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Spencer Day — the unique #1 Billboard charting jazz/pop singer and songwriter who has appeared at venues ranging from Lincoln Center to the Hollywood Bowl — makes his Blues Alley debut to perform songs from his new album “Angel City,” which was recorded at Capitol Records with the support of a 20 piece orchestra. Using the fabled city of Los Angeles as a backdrop, the recording continues Spencer’s meditations on love, fame, narcissism, and how an artist can maintain integrity and authenticity. Day will showcase his diverse and eclectic original songs, and interpretations of classic songs from Cole Porter to David Bowie. He brings a spontaneity that feels new and fresh while simultaneously embracing the classic mood of a bygone era. The Washington Post praised his “cool jazz sensibilities” and “cleverly crafted tales,” with Time Out New York calling him “a compelling, quirky singer-songwriter.”

“Lanky and unaffected, with a a face that suggests a young James Stewart, Day treats his audience like old friends. And even if they’re only hearing him for the first time, within a few notes, they’ve becomes friends for like.” – SF Chronicle

“If you’re looking for the next Harry Connick, Jr., Peter Cincotti, or Johnny Rodgers, forget it. There won’t be one. If, however, you’re looking for the first Spencer Day, here he is, and what a prodigious singing/songwriting and piano-plunking talent.” – The Village Voice

“His melodies are infectious…his arrangements are dazzling and, most of all, his delivery is heartfelt and, often, heartbreaking. He is not only a superb pianist, but a brilliant arranger, who consistently celebrates the partnership between his voice and the piano. “  – SF Chronicle

“I hope to create music that is sophisticated but teeming with raw emotion and fire under the surface. It is in life’s contradictions where the most beautiful things are created.”- Spencer Day

Blues Alley

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