Blues Alley
Blues Alley

Sanjay Mishra

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Guitarist/composer Sanjay Mishra has been described as a brilliant and innovative musician, playing with an eclecticism well suited to his multicultural background. After completing his studies at The Peabody Conservatory of Music, he began composing music that combined Eastern and Western influences. In an interview with The Washington Post, he explained, "I come from a tradition that has a lot of improvisation. Sometimes Western classical music can seem a little rigid, I had to find some middle ground." Sanjay first came to public acclaim for his album Blue Incantation with guitarist Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead. It is one of Mr.Garcia's rare collaborations in his later years and represents some of his last works.

"Mishra finds a distinct idiom…An acoustic flowering of varied influences." - Rolling Stone 1 and 2 "Fascinating." - The Los Angeles Times "The music you play is hypnotic and exotic and beautiful." - NPR Weekend Edition "Mishra's artistry and vision certainly deserve the exposure." The Washington Post

Blues Alley

1073 Wisconsin Ave. NW Washington, DC 20007

*Please note:
1. Final sale, no refunds, not transferable.
2. $12 food/beverage minimum per person not included in ticket price.
3. Seating first come at the door. Doors open at the earliest of 6 PM & 9:45 PM respectively.
4. Photography or Recording of any kind is prohibited during the performance.
5. Keep conversation to a minimum during the performance.